Asus Q504UA Review

Buying a laptop can be a costly affair, if you don’t know the kind of laptop that can fulfill your requirements.

What if I tell you, there are plenty of laptops available that can fulfill your purpose and still be ready to do a lot more, just under $500?

Would you believe me?

Asus Q504ua is one of those few laptops that allow you to make multiple presentations on-the-go, work with heavy spreadsheets and consume enormous amount of multimedia services without breaking a sweat and burning a hole in your pocket.

In this Asus Q504ua review, you will go through complete feature set of this laptop and its overall performance.

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Asus Q504UA

At first, you may not notice it. But the Asus Q504ua is a 2-in-1 laptop featuring a 10-point touch screen.

It features ball-like hinges that allows the laptop to rotate in 360-degree angle and can be used as a tablet too.

Alternately, you can also stand the laptop and watch movies.

Hence with a 2-in-1 laptop, possibilities are endless!

Once the laptop is out-of-the-box, you can notice is sleek design, with thickness of only 0.9inches.

Sand blasted aluminum has been used for overall construction of the laptop that certainly gives it a premium look and feel.

This surely gives a value-for-money feeling.

Opening the lid, you’re presented with the stylish keyboard that is luckily backlit and features a Number Pad too.

You can even increase/decrease the brightness of the keyboard backlighting too.

The touch pad however feels small and a fingerprint reader is also embedded into it.

Once you start the computer, you can notice the beautiful 1080p Full-HD Display that offers pixel density close to 140 PPI.

Though I would have loved it to have IPS display, however for the price, you really can’t ask for much.

If you flip the laptop backwards, you can notice the heat sink in the front center, which according to me is a great design initiative.

Whereas, you can notice dual down-firing speakers (powered by Harman Kardon) on either side of the laptop.

If you’re a business professional or a college student, you will appreciate the sleekness and minimal design of the laptop and can carry it anywhere without a second thought.

However, you may not appreciate its thick bezels and reflective screen that is also a fingerprint magnet.

Specifications And Features

Asus Q504UA ports

If though the laptop is priced keenly, it is feature loaded to the brim.

As I mentioned earlier, it comes with a 2-in-1 design and touch screen.

Inside the hood sits an under clocked 2.3GHz Intel i5 7200U processor coupled with a massive 12GB DDR4 RAM capable of handling any task that you throw at it.

Included is a slower 5400 RPM 1TB Hard Disk that is preloaded with Windows 10 Home Operating System.

To support the Intel i5 process, you get an integrated Intel HD 620 graphics processor that is capable for helping the processor perform everyday tasks and multimedia usage without hiccups.

Other features include Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi 802.11 BGN and weight of just 2.2 kgs.

What We Like

What We Dislike

Connectivity And Ports

If you’re a business professional, you’ll be impressed with the connectivity options that the Asus Q504ua has to offer.

It comes with 3x USB 3.0 port and 1x USB-C port to meet with all your modern requirements.

Included is a 1x HDMI port, audio jack and SD Card reader as well.


Asus Q504UA review

To be completely honest, the Intel i5 7200U is not a high-end processor, so don’t expect it to process resource intensive applications swiftly

Rather it’s a mid-range processor that will get most of your basic tasks done pretty quickly.

Inclusion of 12GB DDR4 RAM certainly helps the Asus Q504ua stand out from the crowd and helps to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Though the overall performance of the laptop is fast, however things can get slow with the 5400RPM Hard Disk.

In case you want to use this laptop to its full potential, I’d suggest upgrading to a 500GB or 1TB SSD.

Basically SSDs improves the read and write speed by 10 times, compared to a traditional hard disk.

If you spend your day reading and replying to emails, you’ll be impressed with the Full-HD screen that displays crisp text due to higher Pixel Density which makes reading text-on-screen as breeze.

Moreover, the full sized keyboard offers tactile response while typing.

Below the speaker, you can see Harman Kardon badge, however the stereo speakers underneath the laptop are just average and nothing to get your hopes up high.

The unique placement of the heat sink is a boon for this laptop, it’s in the front center and hence you don’t feel the heat while using it on your lap.

Although it’s not a gaming laptop, still you can play basic games like Sims 4 or FIFA, Counter Strike, Far Cry, Dota, Left 4 Dead and more at low settings 720p resolution, which will offer 20-25 FPS at max.

On the other hand, professional image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator will be a breeze to work with.

Daily usage like Internet browsing, watching movies, playing music, creating spreadsheets and presentations is effortlessly handled by the Asus Q504ua, though watching 4K videos can strain the laptop a bit.

The brand claims that the laptop offers battery life of 9 hours, though real-life usage reveals that it stays up to 6 hours with moderate usage.

Charging the laptop is quick too, within 2 hours the 4-cell battery will be full charged and ready to go.

Problems Faced With Asus Q504ua?

On initial usage of the laptop, many users have reported the laptop to be slow due to its hard disk.

Some have even reported the laptop’s hard disk to crash within couple of months of buying this laptop.

To save yourself from this headache, as I mentioned earlier, you’d be better off buying an aftermarket SSD with this laptop and save yourself from hard disk woes.

Final Verdict

Asus Q504ua is a fine piece of laptop build by Asus.

You get a mid range laptop that offers excellent performance for the tasks it is meant for.

Once you get the hard disk issue resolved by replacing with a SSD, this laptop will show rapid usage speeds.

Since it’s also a 2-in-1 laptop, you can use it as tablet while traveling or other tasks where the keyboard won’t be required much.

What I personally love is the competitive pricing of the laptop, which I’m sure you will love too because it leaves extra money for future upgrades.

Just get a high quality antivirus with this laptop and you are good to go without breaking sweat.

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