Best Laptop for Real Estate Agents

Many jobs now require computers to get stuff done, but not all of these are desk jobs. Real estate agents, or realtors, sometimes need an easy and accessible computer on which to do their research and networking.

Due to the nature of their job, their laptops should be geared toward specific capabilities. The main ones being portability, performance, storage space and long lastingness.

Here we’ve gathered laptops from across the market which fit these requirements whilst being diverse in their specs and their price points.

Since we’ll be getting into detail about the specs of these machines, a buyers’ guide and FAQ below will help you refamiliarize and educate yourself about what makes a good laptop for a real estate agent.

Let’s find the best laptop for you so that you can close the deal.

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Our Pick

Why is it our top pick?

Got a house showing soon? If you’re in a hurry, we have our top choice here for your convenience. Our top choice was the Lenovo Thinkpad T480 Business Laptop.

Products from the Thinkpad line kept appearing during our research into the most suitable laptops for the job, and after some investigation we found one at the intersection of performance and affordability. Here’s why we think it’s the best:

  • Intel Quad Core i5-8250U processor with 16GB RAM for great performance for the price.
  • 256GB SSD with a 1TB HDD option for a lot of hybrid memory storage, good for storing business-related material.
  • High port compatibility with other tech and gadgets that a businessperson would have/would have in their office.

Best Laptop For Real Estate Agents - Reviews

The Lenovo Thinkpad T480 is our top pick, and with its billing as a “business laptop” how couldn’t it be? Customers on Amazon seem to concur, as its part of their Amazon’s Choice selection.

It’s packed with an 8th generation Intel quad-core i5-8250U processor, a 256GB SSD and a generous 16GB of DDR4 RAM, guaranteeing you quality performance and the speedy loading of any documents or applications you may need to show clients.

We’d suggest shelling out a few extra dollars for the 1TB version, since then you’d have the agile 256GB SSD for your OS and executable applications but then also have the huge 1TB stash to keep your larger business documents for longer-term storage.

It also has a fingerprint scanner so that your sensitive business documents are safe, as well as multiple ports including several USB ports, a HDMI port and an Ethernet port, all useful for compatibility with other tech when in the office.

It can get hot on the underside if you use it long enough, but this is easily remedied if used on a heat-resistant surface, and that’s even if it experiences such intense use on the go.

Its admittedly heavier than some of the other laptop options too, but that’s something that one would get used to and it’s still perfectly mobile, at any rate.


  • Intel i5-8250U processor and 16GB of RAM for great performance.
  • Fingerprint scanner for added privacy.
  • Plenty of diverse port selections for compatibility with other tech.
  • 1TB option for plenty of storage space.


  • Develops hot spots on the underside during prolonged use.
  • Heavier than other market options.

Our second choice in the list is a 2-in-1 laptop that converts into a tablet. The LG Gram 14 boasts an Intel quad core i7 processor alongside 16GB RAM and a large 512GB SSD within its compact frame, specs perfect for a high-performance work laptop tablet hybrid, but these come at extra cost.

The fact it’s a 2-in-1 laptop makes it perfect for businesspeople who are on the go, like realtors.

Its portable enough that it could be used whilst giving house tours and other standing activities, but the display isn’t as good as other options. That may be in service of this product’s insane battery life.

The decider that landed the LG Gram 14 on the second spot on our list, this laptop has a monstrous battery life of approximately 21 hours! If you’re in need of a laptop with such a long lifespan then this is a great option.


  • Intel i7-8586U processor, power efficient quad core ideal for notebooks.
  • A 2-in-1 laptop for business people on the go.
  • Very, very long battery life at approx. 21 hours.
  • Touchscreen display with Wacom stylus included.


  • Only has full-HD resolution.
  • Expensive.

Lightweight and powerful, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the top-tier option for a realtor looking to both reward themselves and invest in their career.

Coated in magnesium for a high-quality finish, the Surface Pro is a 2-in-1 laptop, perfect for an on-the-move realtor hungry for a commission. It’s smaller with a 12” screen but that’s due to its more compact, tablet-like design.

Packed into that design is an 8th Generation Intel i7 processor, but the real tech that pushes up this product’s price tag is its 1TB SSD, amazing storage space for such a compact product. It also has a kickstand so that you can prop it up, perhaps on a table or countertop, if you need to show clients anything.

We’ve given it the third position as, for all its powerful features, this is a very expensive option, especially if you want the stylus and the attachable keyboard to go with it.

If your business has been booming as of late and you can justify the purchase, then this would surely be the best option for you.


  • Has a 1TB Solid-State Drive.
  • 13.5-hour battery life.
  • Super slim and compact, weighs only 1.7 pounds.
  • Touchscreen display.
  • Can be propped up by stand.


  • Lacks optical drives.
  • Very costly and must pay for peripheral accessories too.

As one of the other cheapest options on this list, the Lenovo Flex 5 is another Amazon’s Choice, meaning its seen repeated positive interest by consumers online.

For its modest price tag, you’ll get an 8th generation Intel i5 processor, 256GB on an SSD and 8GB of RAM, which whilst smaller than other options should be more than enough for what you’ll have planned for this piece of kit.

As for its bells and whistles, the Flex 5 has a fingerprint scanner and a touchscreen which is some good tech for such a cheaper product to have, and definitely gives this option an edge over other laptops. Its battery life is a good 10 hours or so, which should be enough time for an average workday.

It would seem its cheaper price point instead makes itself known with that 256GB SSD. The less RAM shouldn’t be a problem, but this option has the least storage space considering that it’s all you get, there’s no 1TB HDD option, or any HDD option for that matter.

If this laptop sees a heavy load of documents, particularly video, then nowadays those 256GB can get used up pretty fast.


  • Has a fingerprint scanner.
  • Touchscreen on such a cheaper product.
  • Approx. 10-hour battery life.


  • 256GB SSD with no option for an HDD, minimal storage space.
  • Loud fans when being used on high performance.

Our next option is the Huawei MateBook X Pro, a good all-rounder option.

First, you have the option of an Intel i5 or i7 processor depending on what you need in terms of firepower, and with that comes the 512GB SSD and 16GB of RAM - pretty standard for a performance laptop at this price point.

The 13.9-inch touchscreen covers an impressing 88% of the laptop’s body ratio and displays in 3k. It’s perfect for showcasing photography of housing interiors.

For a more hands-on approach it has a recessing camera that pops out of the keyboard. Not only is that ideal for those after some privacy since you’re not staring a camera in the lens during your workday, but it allows high definition video conferencing for liaising with clients from anywhere.

The price point for this product can fluctuate depending on seller but you can either pick the i5 or i7 processor versions, depending on your budget, and get a more than adequate performance out of it.


  • An option of Intel i5 or i7 processor, depending on performance requirement and budget.
  • Privacy via pop-up recessing camera, good for video conferencing.
  • Spill-proof backlit keyboard for hectic workdays.


  • Can get hot underneath when in use.
  • Not so many ports.

This next product is the cheapest, but it’s a Chromebook which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and should be considered a separate recommendation than all of the other laptops on this list due to how drastic their differences are.

Operating off the Chrome OS, Chromebook laptops accesses the internet and Google-friendly applications and store most of their files in cloud storage.

The downside of this is that its storage space on the laptop proper is very small, only 16GB in SSD storage, about the same as a thumb drive, and you can’t get other programs like the Microsoft Office Suite since you have to use the Google alternatives.

For a great budget price, you’ll get about 13 hours of battery life which you can use for web browsing research, and a machine powered by a Rockchip RK3288 processor specially made for smaller devices like tablets or notebooks to ensure quality performances in compact packages.

You’ll also get 100GB of Google Drive got two years to store videos and other documents. They’re also available in a larger variety of aesthetically pleasing color designs.

The time a real estate agent spends using their laptop for business-related activities can vary, so if you expect to use this laptop for less intensely, this Chromebook option may be for you.

It’ll allow you to access the internet, and create write-ups and spreadsheets using Google-affiliated apps all for a great price.


  • 100GB of Google Drive for two years.
  • Very, very lightweight.
  • Approx. 13 hours of battery life.
  • Available in several colors.


  • Is a Chromebook, so geared towards lighter use, much less storage. Chromebooks aren’t suitable for all work.
  • Smaller, 11.6” display.

Best Laptop For Real Estate Agents - Buyers Guide

What to look for in a real estate laptop

When considering a realtor-friendly laptop you’ll usually just be concerned about four factors. These are portability, battery power, performance, and storage memory.

Portability is a given with laptops, but how lightweight they are can make a difference. Besides, some high-end laptops have a very short battery time and end up tethered to walls instead so ease of carry is the important thing to think about when considering portability.

As we said, powerful laptops tend to be candles that burn twice as bright but half as long. This isn’t really ideal for jobs like the real estate agents since having long-term access to a working laptop to research, communicate with clients, and manage bookings is crucial.

As advertising moves into the online sphere, more and more of the business will be done using the laptop, making a lengthy power life essential.

Performance is pretty straightforward to anyone even marginally familiar with computers. It’s mainly down to the processor and amount of RAM the laptop model has.

Processors come in dual, quad and hexa-core variants (and in octa and deca-core variants too, but that isn’t relevant for laptops) which generally increase in effectiveness though all have their pros and cons.

Most processors you’ll find on the market now are quad-core, and that’ll suffice for the laptop’s intended use, whilst the pricier options often have the hexa-core.

As for the RAM, most computers you’ll own will have 8GB which is perfectly fine. Others will have 16GB which is better and not too much to be considered overkill and a waste of money like the 32GB or 64GB RAM options are. 8GB or 16GB is more than enough for personal computing.

The GPU still factors into performance but not as much as with gaming equipment and besides, all of the options above are high-end enough that their GPU should suffice for whatever a realtor would throw at it.

Any business laptop or personal computer should have plenty of storage space. Whether it’s a large SSD, HDD or both, a laptop for real estate agents should be able to hold any and all business-related materials.

If you go for an SSD only option, don’t settle for anything less than 512GB, and for the purposes of the job a 1TB HDD should be your priority.

Screen size is also something to consider, though not nearly as much as the above. This is because a part of real estate work can entail showing customers data, and so if done in person a larger display would be better suited to this.

We’d say aim for a 13” screen or higher, but that a 17” screen may be overkill and harm the compactness and portability of your chosen product. 

The products above largely stick between these parameters, the exception being the Microsoft Surface Pro at 12”, which is ample and not so much of a concern when its other features are considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 16GB of RAM worth it?

This depends on how intense your use of the laptop will be. 8GB is generally okay for the majority of people’s personal computers. If there’s going to be a lot of app activity on your laptop, e.g. scores of tabs open or multiple programs running at once, then 16GB of RAM would be handy in keeping all of that running smoothly.

How much storage is ideal for a real estate agent’s laptop?

Since promotional videos and video tours of properties are likely to end up on the laptop of a real estate agent, a larger memory store may be needed. HDDs with a capacity of a terabyte or over have become more viable in recent years and is probably the best option. Some of the laptops above have both SSDs and HDDs, in which case your best bet is to put your OS and any programs you’ll need to run onto the, preferably a 512GB SSD, then save the large amounts of sensitive data and informational content into the 1TB HDD.

What’s the difference between laptops and Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are just a type of laptop that run Google’s Chrome OS, technically speaking. We get what you mean, though, because Chrome OS is designed to be heavily reliant on cloud storage Chromebooks are invariably very thin, sleek, lightweight laptops that have large displays and great performance, and all for a great price. They are limited in terms of hardware storage capacity and functionality but are a decent, cheap alternative for casual activities involving the web or Chrome-compatible apps. For a beginner in the real estate game, a Chromebook would make for a thrifty investment into your career.

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