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How to Charge a Laptop in A Car (Detailed Guide)

All cars nowadays allow you to charge compact devices like smartphone, tablet, camera and so on.

Heck, some cars even boast off wireless charging plate to charge a high-end smartphone.

However, you may ask yourself, How to Charge a Laptop in A Car?

Because there is no provision made for you to charge your laptop in your car nor there is there any laptop car adapter to help you with your dilemma.

Hence if you’re running late (for an important meeting or presentation) and you forget to charge your laptop, then God, it would be such frightful experience, wouldn’t it?

That’s why in this article, I’m going to show you, “How to Charge Laptop in Car” with minimal or no effort.

Can you charge a laptop in a car?

laptop in the car

Most of you might wonder, is it even possible to charge a laptop in a car?

Short Answer, Yes!

Long answer, it includes a little bit of science.

The car that you use comes with a 12V Power Outlet (also known as Cigarette Lighter), which with the help of a Car Adapter can be used to power your smartphone and tablets.

However, the 12V Power Outlet, as the name suggests, supplies only 12V of DC (Direct Current) power, while your laptop requires 110/220V AC (Alternating Current) to charge itself via the charger.

Hence you’ll need a Power Inverter to convert DC to AC, and with that, you can charge your laptop easily in your car.

Recommended Product

bestek power inverter review

The Bestek 300W Power Inverter is my recommended product in case you’re still wondering how to charge a laptop in a car.

With around 5,000 customer reviews on, you really can’t go wrong with a product that is popular among other consumers.

Bestek is a popular brand that deals in Power Inverters of various shapes, sizes and power ratings, one that even looks like a Coffee Mug.

Almost Bestek products have raving reviews on Amazon, hence be rest-assured that you’re in safe hands.

Moreover, with its capacity of 300W, you can charge your laptop at the same speed like it’s connected to an actual power outlet in your home or office.

It comes with two AC outlet; however, my recommendation would be only to use one at a time because you wouldn’t want to put more strain on your car battery, would you?

Additionally, it comes with dual USB ports that collectively offer power output of 4.2A, enough to power your smartphone and tablet simultaneously.

Note: The Bestek 300W Power Inverter has a switch to Turn On/Off AC Output; however it doesn’t shut off power to USB ports. Hence you’d be better off removing the Power Inverter from the socket when not in use; otherwise, it will slowly drain your car battery without your notice

Will an Inverter Drain Car Battery?

bestek power inverter

A Car Power Inverter comes with different power ratings like 150W, 300W and all the way up to 2000W and 5000W.

However, for your use, any Car Inverter with rating of 150W and 300W is enough, anything more than that will drain your car battery faster.

Moreover, it is advisable not to use the Car Power Inverter when your car is stalled; otherwise, the battery drain will be quick too.

For your reference, a car battery is charged via an ‘Alternator’ that converts engine’s pistons mechanical energy into electrical energy and stores it into the car’s battery.

The car battery then powers other electric components like Ignition, Headlamps, Taillights, Wipers, In-Car Entertainment System, AC and as so on.

Are Power Inverters Bad for your Car?


The 12V socket is designed to supply 12V at max.

However, what’s risky is how you use the Power Inverter and which Power Inverter it is.

Ideal power rating for a Power Inverter for a Hatchback and Sedan is between 150W and 300W, anything more than will result in faster battery drain.

However, make sure to buy Power Inverter from a reputed brand (like the one I recommended) otherwise a cheap inverter may draw more power from 12V port, which will result in a blown fuse.

Another thing to notice is, even though a Power Inverter provides an AC outlet, it is advisable to use it for low-power electronics like smartphone/camera/Bluetooth speaker charger, light stand, computer monitor, Gaming Laptops and so on.

However, if you got out on a camping or a long trip, it is not advisable to use high-power consuming electronics like:

  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker
  • Hand Blender
  • Power Tools
  • Business-Class Printers
  • Electric Pressure Washer

For such requirements, you’d be better off carrying a portable generator with you.

Other Recommended Laptop Car ChargerS

As I mentioned earlier, there are multitudes of Power Inverters or Laptop Car Charger as some may call.

Hence if you’re not happy with my recommended product, i.e., the Bestek 300W Power Inverter and want something with extra features or a better design, then please check out our other recommendation below.



Remember earlier I talked about a Power Inverter from Bestek that looked like a coffee mug.

Well, this is it.

Compared to the 300W Power Inverter mentioned earlier, this one has lower Wattage, which is a good thing in case you want to reduce battery drain.

Additionally, it has a more user-friendly design, rather than the industrial look on Bestek 300W Power Inverter.

It also comes with Dual 120V AC outlet and dual 4.5A USB ports. You even get a cigarette lighter, and the brand mentions that this inverter has a high Power Conversion Efficiency at 92%.

Foval 200W Power Inverter

If you want a Laptop Car Charger that your kids won’t be afraid to use, then the Foval 200W Inverter is the perfect choice.

It comes with an extremely portable size of 3.2 inches that can easily fit anywhere in your car; however, it comes with a small cable length of 10 inches.

Hence it would be difficult to pass it to your kids sitting back; otherwise, it won’t be an issue if your car comes with a 12V port for passengers behind as well.

Though make sure you or your kids don’t drop it because it weighs around 20oz and its internal parts can easily get damaged due to its weight.


I hope this article was able to solve your question of “How to Charge a Laptop in a Car” and would help you choose the right Power Inverter for you.

To be extremely informative, I’ve not only suggested the best Laptop Car Charger but also the basic science behind it.

This is to help you make an informed decision and will also help if any of your friends ask about this new component in your car.

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This will help your friends who want to buy a Laptop Car Charger for themselves.

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