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How to Remove Scratches from Aluminum Laptop & Macbooks


They’re everywhere!

And if you’re the owner of an aluminum-built laptop, I think you’ve already experienced how few scratches can make the design look pretty bad.

After all, that could be the reason you arrived here.

Don’t fret because in this article we’ll discuss 3 main subjects:

  1. How to remove MINOR scratches from an aluminum laptop?
  2. How to remove MAJOR scratches from an aluminum laptop?
  3. How to protect your laptop from ever scratching it in the first place?

Let’s start!

How to Deal With Scratches

1. Removing Minor Scratches

how to remove cratches from macbook

Not all scratches that appear on a metal laptop are damaging.

Few scratches are quite superficial, and you can take care of them pretty quickly.

These are scratches that don’t run deep in the laptop’s body; these are only surface scratches; also referred to as hairline scratches hairline scratches.

There are multiple ways to make them disappear. The one method that I will mention here, you possibly might have heard about it previously.

You may think that this method is just a made-up way that won’t get rid of the scratches, but it actually works. Many people have tried it, and say that it does the job.

Yes, I’m talking about using simple toothpaste and a microfiber cleaning cloth microfiber cleaning cloth to take care of the problem.

It’s important to use white toothpaste and not a gel or any fancy toothpaste. That is because the paste has the needed abrasive properties that work well with this method.

The idea is to put a little paste (just a little) where the minor scratch resides. Now, using the microfiber cloth, you have to rub that specific place but do it carefully.

It’s best if you water the fabric a little bit. If your laptop’s aluminum cover is colored, be careful when rubbing the scratched place, to not get the coloring off.

If you do this as described, the scratches should disappear. But, keep in mind that this method works best with minor scratches, not major ones.

You could try it to get rid of more prominent, deeper marks, but it will not work to the same extent.

2. Removing Major Scratches

Major scratches are more complicated to remove than minor ones, as expected.

The bad news is that in most cases, a big scratch can’t be removed entirely can’t be removed entirely; but you can reduce its visibility by a larger extent.

But how can you manage bigger scratches?

Let’s see!

If you look around online, you could find products that claim to remove scratches from aluminum laptops.

Unfortunately, many of them won’t work too well. So, how can you find the one that does the job? Luckily, you don’t have to search for it.

polished macbook

The product called Rolite Metal Polish Rolite Metal Polish can be used as a MacBook Scratch Remover that is primarily made to take care of scratches on different metals like Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Stainless Steel and so on.

Since you want to know How to Fix Scratches on Macbook Pro and other aluminum laptops; then list product will be perfect.

You just have to rub the paste (yes, this is a paste too) onto the scratched surface, and the paste will fill the scratch, thus removing (covering) most of it. Don’t forget to use a microfiber cloth so you won’t make any new scratches while removing the old ones.

To do a better job; it’s best to do a second coating. This way, it will look even better, and the scratch will barely be noticeable.

The idea behind this method is similar to the toothpaste process. But in the case of major scratches, you need a specially designed paste (like the product mentioned above) that is created specifically for this kind of problem.

As I said earlier, there are other products you can find too, but this one is a tested well-working item.

Though both the methods mentioned above are tested by us and are recommended by multiple users around the world.

You should try them at your own risk. and the writer/author shall not be held responsible for any mishap or damage to electrical good viz. laptops while trying above methods.

3. Protection from Scratches

macbook bag

Now that you know how to take care of possible scratches on an aluminum laptop let’s move on to our next, secondary subject.

We’ll take a look at how it’s best not to get your laptop scratched in the first place.

After all, if you don’t scratch it, you won’t need to repair it either.

The best and easiest process (that anyone can do) is to keep your laptop in a clean place without much dirt or anything else that could scratch it easily. For example, you shouldn’t keep it in a bag together with your keys or other sharp objects (obviously).

To do this efficiently, you should get yourself a nice laptop sleeve bag laptop sleeve bag to put only your laptop in it. Something like this should do just fine:

But if you want more protection, even when you’re actively using the laptop, you could go for a screen and body protector.

For instance, you can buy on Amazon (or any other website) cheap silicone keyboard and body protectors that will stick onto your laptop and secure it against scratches.


Now that you’ve read this article, you should have a pretty good idea on how scratches can be removed (or at least covered) on an aluminum laptop.

Even more significant scratches can be dealt with, but it takes a bit more of an investment because you should buy a special paste mentioned right above.

Still, it’s best if you keep your laptop in a clean space, where you won’t scratch it easily. Take some precautions, and you won’t bother much with mending it in the future.

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